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7 Reasons to Provide Valet Park for Your Wedding or Other Special Event

If you are thinking that valet parking is an unnecessary expenditure think again. Study after study shows that guests at special events such as weddings appreciate valet service and that it factors heavily into the enjoyment of such events. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider offering valet parking.

  • Valet service spares guests a long walk: Sometimes parking is not conveniently located next to the venue your guest will be attending, so valet parking saves them the trouble of having to walk all the way to the event from their cars. When they do this they risk being late, mussing up their clothing, etc.
  • Helps guests feel safer: Sometimes parking garages and lots are located near undesirable places. Moreover, cars parked on the street are subject to receiving tickets and to being damaged by other vehicles as other drivers compete for a good spot. Valet service puts your guests in greater control of where their car will be parked.
  • It keeps the event schedule on time: Late arriving guests can put a damper on special events. People can spend 10 minutes or longer driving around trying to figure out where they are going to park, not to mention the time it may take to walk from the parking area to the venue.
  • Valet service acts as a final check to make sure that none of your guests drive under the influence: If someone appears to be too intoxicated, the valet attendant will be able to call for a taxi as opposed to handing over the keys to someone who should not drive. 
  • Provides your guests with first class service: Weddings are special events. By providing valet service to your guests you will be treating them to a classy, elegant experience. Additionally, many valet services also include a coat check service for your guests depending on your needs and budget.
  • Helps guests deal with unpredictable weather: Even the best planned weddings can’t compete with Mother Nature when she is determined to ruin your plans. Valet service can help by putting your guests right where they need to be so that they can avoid long walks in the heat, rain or snow.

Epic Valet has handled many weddings (big and small) and will work within your budget to put together a valet parking package that will satisfy you and your guests needs. We know how the small touches can sometimes make or break a special event like a wedding so we are ready to provide first class service for your wedding, corporate function, dinner party, etc. We can also provide airport valet services. 

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