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Sky Harbor’s only
Curbside Valet

We are now the only company to offer curbside valet at Arizona’s Phoenix airport.

Mission Statement

Epic Valet strives to provide the most exceptional, customer-focused and cost-efficient regional valet service through the overall investment in and empowerment, training and support of our employees. Our valets understand they are responsible for creating positive, professional and personalized first and final impressions at our accounts, thereby generating repeat customers and a mutually beneficial long-term partnership between Epic Valet and clients alike.




About Epic

Epic believes valets are the only true asset of the company; therefore, we developed an employee-centered, customer-focused and value-driven business plan.  Our ultimate objective is to hire and maintain competent, hard working and content employees, which in turn will provide the most exceptional service door to door in order to develop long term client relationships.  In short, happy employees equal satisfied customers.  We aim to exceed expectations one car at a time, and that’s what makes our valet service truly EPIC.

Epic Valet’s first day of business was July 1, 1998.  The owner, J.C. Brooks, started the company out of a garage at his apartment complex.  It has since become one of the largest valet companies in Arizona.  Servicing over 3000 private events and operating over 100 accounts in the 18 year history, Epic has become a leader in the Arizona valet industry.

Our Accounts